Grow Through International Expansion

Reimagining your Business – and Yourself #59

May 10, 2020

Sometimes, something happens that makes a business owner realise that their business really needs a whole new approach if it’s to succeed. 

Sometimes, that something is forced upon them. Like now. 

In a month, two months, three month’s time, life will begin to return to normal. None of us know, but we all already suspect that the “new normal” won’t be like the one before – the normal of just a few weeks ago.

What is that going to mean for your business? Can you just carry on from where you left off? Will your established customers all come back, and will new ones come naturally like they did before? Will your competitors be the same?

No doubt for some of us, it’ll be a case of plus change….

But many of us will be looking for a new approach. 


In the podcast Oliver refers to the digital media company he and GrowInternational have worked with, VINX – for more details check